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Thoughtfully grown Ethiopian Coffee

Growing up, Haile was known in the town for his strong hands. Plowing, sowing, building, harvesting, his skill and knowledge for farming in Arsi was unmatched. When he was done with work for his home, the townspeople would ask him to work on their farms. A demand so popular, he began to charge a fee for it. Indeed, a business man in the making. But another skill overtook his farming abilities and so he had to drop all his work in Arsi. Alas, he had to become an Olympic gold winning, record-breaking athlete. Then later a world-renowned entrepreneur. But now, Haile returns to the world of agriculture to use his once sought-after skills and knowledge in the world of coffee.

About Our Company

Coffee to all Ethiopians is a story. It is the source of sustenance of over a third of the population. For Ethiopians, coffee is more than a drink.It’s a culture, a living tradition. That is why Haile decided to grow coffee and that’s how Haile Coffee was born. Our biggest mission will always be bringing forth the passion and drive the country has for coffee, to the world.

Our Farm & Community

When traveling to Masha, Haile and his team entered a haven beyond their imagination. Now, a registered biosphere reserve for inhabiting a long list of plant and animal life. Anything that touched the grounds of the forest would instantly flourish. The trees were vast and strong.The mountains were high and mighty. And the climate was splendid in the way that it provided plenty of rain and sunlight throughout.

While it was incredible to see, it was clear that such a place came with a great responsibility. An accountability to the lives and growth of the people in the village of Yeppo and a responsibility to the protection of their environment. We make a continuous effort to work with the residents to develop the area and make a lasting change while preserving this biosphere reserve.

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