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Ethiopia's Finest

Ethiopia and coffee have a very long history that is intertwined. So for us, coffee is more than a drink.It’s a culture born of its history, and that culture has become a living tradition. We work to bring that life into the realm of coffee. 

Where it started

Perfected from the ground up in the magnificent forests of Sheka, we bring to you a coffee that is of excellence beyond the bean by working year-round to nurture the best quality.

We Ethiopians have a unique opportunity to share our culture with people around the world. Drinking coffee together is at the heart of our culture. I want others to come to our country and see how special this culture is.
Haile Gebreselassie
Founder of Haile Coffee

Haile Coffee

Born into a farming family in the Arsi highlands of Ethiopia, Haile’s family lived off the land. Later, in his 25-year international career he became one of the world’s most successful athletes. Now, he returns to agriculture in the world of coffee. Haile has built from the ground up, a coffee Estate that has created some of the best coffees in Ethiopia.

Sheka a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Situated in the highlands of the Sheka forests, our farm is located in Yeppo village of the town of Masha. These forests are home to a vast spectrum of distinct plant and animal life indigenous to the area. The Gahamay and Bosoko rivers that feed theNile create spectacular bounds for our grounds of 1500 hectares. This perfectly balanced ecosystem has created a place of symbiosis where rich soils andrainfall nurture extraordinary flora.

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