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Yeppo Community

The Yeppo community is one that is full of love and support.

The Yeppo community is one that isfull of love and support. The forests of Sheka are filled with potential, thatwith just some work, can offer a great opportunity to it’s residents.

All-weather road

The location of our farm is more than 35km from the nearest main town and medical clinic. Every time such a visit was necessary, the journey on forest paths would take up to three hours as people vehicles threaded their way through trees and forests, crossing local rivers and overcoming other obstacles. In aiming to achieve improved infrastructure, we built anall-weather road from the farm to improve access for farm workers to important health and other facilities, resulting in a significant reduction in journey times.

Primary School

The Yeppo Primary School has always been like a second home for many children in our farm community. The original structure of the school was from wood and mud which meant that the school became unusable during periods of heavy rain. To ensure more reliable education for the children of our farm community, we have built a new primary school for the village.



We understand the value of natural conservationso we work hard to preserve the ecological symbiosis that exists within theforest. This area is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. In additionto a dedication to sustainability in our farm practices, we reserve about 250hectares of our land as space that will remain untouched to support thebiosphere of the community.  

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