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How we help our community

"This community had nothing before we started growing coffee. I am so proud of the progress we have made to help the community grow and develop," says Haile about the community work in and around the farm at Masha.


At Haile Coffee we understand the value of natural conservation so we work hard to preserve the ecological symbiosis that exists within the forest. This area is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. So, we reserve about 250 hectares of our land as space that will remain untouched to support the biosphere of the community. We are certified by the Rainforest Alliance for our efforts to protect the environment.


The community of Yeppo places a high value on the local forests and on what this provides. However, the dense forests have made travelling difficult for local people. Working carefully so as not to harm the environment, we built an 18km all-weather road that would significantly reduce the time travelling. This road connects the community to the city of Masha and the primary school of Yeppo.


When working with our farmers we work to improve knowledge transfer of best and most sustainable agricultural practices. With the nearest school being so far away, accessing education was not easy, but working with local people in Yeppo, we are now trying to build a school nearer to where these people live.

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