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Why determines the what

Wanting to help others

Growing up in a farming family in Ethiopia, Haile understands the place and value of agriculture in his society. Haile's values of hard work, discipline and commitment to success underpin his coffee business and are principles that he strives to pass on to those charged with taking care of the land and growing coffee. These core values are also based on Haile's respect for the whole of the natural environment on which we depend as we work to conserve the planet.

Our first coffee seedling planted by Haile in 2014

Haile Coffee™

Building long-term relationships

At Haile Coffee we are always looking to form lasting relationships with our partners across the world. We always aspire to achieve excellence across our entire supply chain from production to processing and exporting to our partners worldwide. We also welcome visitors to Ethiopia and will give you a warm welcome here in Ethiopia and treat you to hospitality that reflects the best of Ethiopian culture.

Haile Coffee™

Our vision, mission and values

Haile Coffee™

Corporate business portfolio

In addition to Haile Coffee and Haile Honey, we also have an extensive portfolio of other business interests including hotels, fitness centres, schools and office buildings.

Further information

Address: 8th Floor, Alem Building, Bole Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia